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One of the first things most companies draft before they even go 

register themselves is usually an organisational structure. This
structure is explained to new staff as they take up their mantle of
responsibilities in the company. Now, it doesn't matter whether the company is a conglomerate or a freeloading, non-profit organisation. What matters is that, there always seem to be an organisational structure for most companies; the word in context being 'most'. But like most ideals, there is always that company that defies laid out principles of business ethics, and if we are talking about Nigeria, we know that most companies will fall into this category and will not bother with any organisational structure; and where they do, it will not be fully articulated to the staff members.

If you are quick to disagree, then explain this: why else would security guards at their post (the lowest echelon in any company) talk to staff and visitors with great disrespect?

Shocked? Don't be! 
A certain lady told me she went to the office as usual, only to be stopped at the gate by the security personnels. They asked her for her ID card, as the management had decreed in its new policy. She told them she hadn't an ID card because she had lost hers and was awaiting the issuance of a new one. The security man, in the most disrespectful manner he could, told her to stand outside the premises as her case was a 'special case'. She flew into a rage and asked if he would do her job for her that day. He looked at her blatantly and told her he didn't want 'too much talk' and continued what he was originally doing. When she said she was going home, he said 'better' and continued what he was doing.......which was gisting with his other colleagues! Now....THAT was a security officer! Some might be quick to say that he was just doing his job, but the first image of a company is from the security post! If the security man is callous and rude, you know that you can't trust the company to show any form of courtesy. The lady in question said that she had worked for that company for almost two years, and as such, that treatment was totally unwarranted. If the company had trained her operatives well, the security guard could have said, 'I'm sorry ma'am. I don't know if you heard about the new policy regarding ID cards....? As a result, we cannot let you in because of that. Is there anyone you can call to help clear this inconvenience?'. That courtseous statement alone would have meant that they did their jobs and still maintained decorum. But treating that lady as such........shaking my head! These same security personnels treated a customer with such disrespect that he took his business away. He made sure he contacted the bosses to let them know he was taking his business to the competition because of the attitude of the security guards. Long story short, no one was fired!

In another company, it was reported that the company canteen was run by ladies who were very disrespectful. When staff members went in for meals, they would not so much as say 'hi' or 'welcome'. They would stare at the staff with unfazed disgust and disdain. One began to wonder if the meals were free and the staff members homeless people lining up in front of a ghetto soup kitchen. One of the staff members went at it with them, demanding respect and quality service. She reminded the ladies that she was paying for the food and wasn't begging for it. When one person spoke up, the entire crew started complaining in agreement. And since it was the lunch hour, you can imagine the cacophony that that scene was. It had to take a collective criticism for them to get it into their heads that one cannot serve meals with a dour, rotten mood and facial expression. It leaves a bitter taste in the mouth of the eater, unless of course you don't care. That mini revolution got the girls in check, though they started serving meals, especially to the men, like strippers looking for ones. 

Still speaking of food, a friend told me that his colleagues fought,

literally going at each other, just because someone was caught eating more than the allocated amount for each staff. They increased the germ content in the air of their office because they were fighting and sweating and cursing with quite putrid mouths. Why in the world will a person steal other people's food when everyone has h(er)is own? Doesn't that in essence mean that such staff member can steal company assets to satisfy their own need? And why would a modern day company not fire two people who get into a physical fight over food? Justappalling!

Now, this is not a jibe at Muslim ladies but I heard that in a certain

company, the 'sisters' perform their ablutions in the convenience sinks, raising their legs to the height of the sink to get their feet clean in the ablution process. I heard also (couldn't help but be an aproko) that this method of ablution over time, put so much pressure on the sinks that one of it fell and broke! The toilet had to be locked to prevent further usage. All staff members had to suffer for the acts of some! And if you think Muslim sisters are the only ones acting that way, I know that there are certain women in EVERY company who carelessly dispose their pads, use the toilets without flushing, let the tap run and generally leave the toilet a less appealing sight than they met it. It is shameful that grown up women (and men too) do nasty things little children wouldn't.

If that isn't enough, you know of those companies that probably have two or three computers in each office and about ten staff members to those offices? Where everyone has to 'book' to use the computer? Yeah. So anyway, someone (yes, I'm still hiding their identity, thank you very much!) said he needed to use the computer in the office. This was at about 2pm. He said he needed to prepare documents for a presentation the next day. He kept telling one of his colleagues to let him use it so he could work. The colleague kept saying he would be done in a jiffy. This guy then proceeded to start writing his ideas down, so when the computer was free, he'd just type what he needed. He was so engrossed in his work, that he didn't notice that time had taken a journey. When he looked up from his work, he saw that it was past 4pm and the dude was still on the computer. Now, the dude had finished his own work and was surfing the net. His surfboard was on a porn site showing ladies with huge breasts. He had other men sitting around him as they analysed the size of the breasts. This wasn't 4am (as if porn is ever allowed at anytime in the office) but the day time! The dude was busy analysing breasts on company time, in broad daylight and when people were waiting to use the computer to work! To make matters worse, he invited other male colleagues to enjoy the cinema moment with him. Rather than shout at the guy for wasting his time, he packed his bag and left the office. He had to go and buy his own laptop (or in his words, put a down payment) so he wouldn't have to worry about stuff like that repeating itself again. A real shame! The only positive side to this story is that he got himself a laptop. It is not unusual to see people using company assets and resources for personal gain but where that peronal gain is an addiction to huge breasts, it speaks of callousness and a disregard for work ethics.

Of the entire story, this might just be the worst. This one cuts across all types of company.....or almost all. More and more single ladies are having sex with dating their bosses just so they can forge ahead. The men are not the ones chasing after the girls anymore, it is the other way round now. Girls are seen running after their bosses, making advances that define the word 'inappropriate' and deliberately acting the slut. This has been on for years but the current trend is that ladies no longer hide the fact that are sleeping with the no no! Now, they flaunt it so much so that the boss fears to correct or critique them in public. In this dog-eat-dog era, some of these ladies even threaten their immediate seniors if they are dating men higher up the company echelon. It is really disheartening to see the brazen acts many people put up in he office! 

When you think you have heard the worst, cases of senior officers inviting far far junior officers to their office to 'gossip' about other higher cadre officers will probably leave you gaping in shock. It is common place for junior colleagues to talk about their bosses, in good and bad ways, but what is completely out of place is a senior colleague calling a couple of junior colleages to make someone in his level look bad! How is one supposed to respect that senior colleague? Especially if that senior colleague supposedly did something shady? How do you even respect the tale-bearer who made it his point of duty to make you disrespect the other boss-man?

This may all seem like balderdash to the man whose company is a stickler for rules and work ethics but these things happen! Who is to blame? The companies? The orientation units? The staff members? Who?! All these little infractions leave the company in a bad state, especially in the eyes of prospective customers or business acquaintances. Imagine a wealthy man taking his business away just because the security guard was rude to him? Or imagine that after he finally gets in, he is taken to the canteen to show him a feel of the company's hospitality and he gets assaulted by poor service or worse, waitresses coming on to him like mammals in heat? What would have happened if any of the bosses had gone down to that office with the porn dude and seen a group of staff members rivetted on a screen with big breasts? What would have happened if it was a customer? Little thing that may not seem to matter become huge things when they make the company lose big bucks. And when money is lost, be sure that heads will roll..........and it ain't going to be that of the big boss!

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