Friday 16 October 2015


We were still wearing pinafores when we met. I heard she was one of the most brilliant students in her class and that attracted me to her. We didn't become friends in the real sense until we got to SS1. That was how we became pals for life.
We have fought each other but we have always managed to find our way back to each other. Who is she?
Pilot Olamide Ruth Adeola Ogunmola.
She is one of my oldest and 'bestest' friends; the oldest being Kennie Westt Smoothwalker. Next year, we would have spent 15 years as friends. 'Wow!' doesn't even begin to define it!
She went through all odds to become a pilot. Everything seemed to be working against her. For almost a year, she was literally going through hell. In all this, she maintained her position of prayers, respect, honor and faith. In the end, GOD crowned her with success beyond understanding.
She is a peace loving, humble and excellent spirit and she has always inspired me to be better.
We have had so many experiences that have bonded us together. My first flight was on a plane was piloted by her. Can you beat that?! I told her I was nervous and might disgrace my grandmother by throwing up and screaming like a banshee. She spoke to me calmly until all my fear dissipated.
I still take blame for causing her to change schools but if that had not happened, we will never have met out third musketeer; Falilat Omo T Mohammed. Together, we have built a friendship that has stood the test of time!
Apart from my sisters (Halimatu Sadiya Ochekliye and Enigbe Ochekliye), these ladies have been my biggest source of happiness, love, joy, peace, wisdom and influence. They are my anchor and I love them all!
Today is Lamide's birthday and I want to use this opportunity to bless GOD for her life! I am so proud of the woman she is; loving, caring, tender, driven, humble, beautiful, successful and glorious.
Happy birthday my love. I pray for more wisdom in your life, more favor, grace, power, wealth, understanding, happiness, joy, peace, love, strength, direction and blessings as we celebrate your day today.
Shebi I dey Lag now we for paint town red (with mouth oh!). I love you girl. Proud to have you as my best friend. Let us do this for 50 more years and to eternity!
Happy birthday Ore mi! Have a blast!
PS: I go fine pictures when we still dey break kwakwa. No vex you hear! Enjoy the memories the pictures will evoke.
More photos below!

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