Friday 20 November 2015


My good Friend, Ephraim Okpanachi, is a great an awesome person! He is wonderful and inspires me a lot with his work ethics, maturity and charisma. He is one of the few people I truly respect and honor and it is my joy to bring to you his latest work. Read
more about him below and see more pictures. Download his song at 

YADA: A.K.A EPHRAIM OMACHOKO OKPANACHI, was born in Makurdi Benue State Nigeria. He discovered his liking for music when under 10 and at 13 he amazed many, by joining a church choral group meant for adults.

YADA led various youth singing groups as a teenager, but defined his Music at the University. He started the “YADAH JEHOVAH” meet in 2001, at the Kogi State University Anyigba, when he was Music Director of a Campus Fellowship. This birthed Yadah!

His first recording YADAH JEHOVAH was performed live in concert in 2002 at the University and this marked his professional entry into music. Fans adopted his concert tag as his brand name, and led to the name YADA.

YADAH is THE MUSIC, and YADA is the music maker. This brand has touched and is touching lives across Nigeria and beyond. Yada, had his first training in the University in Economics, and is also an OAP and news presenter per-excellence.


‘You are worthy’, is one of the hits from Yada’s last audio album “YADA THE EXPRESSION” RELEASED in 2013; the other hit, being, UGBO NALO? (Where Do I go?). The single video is a fore-runner to the release of the ‘Yada The Expression’ video album due for release in 2016.


YADAH; is a Hebrew verb meaning "the extended hand", it connotes or represents Worship with an extended or lifted hand, and involves bodily movement in worship and telling forth God’s greatness. YADA  has several interpretations, but simply means TO KNOW. So am YADA, desiring to worship and doing YADAH to GOD.

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