Saturday 19 December 2015


As I prepare to launch my podcast on 9th January, I have this interview I want to share with you.

HIV/AIDS is a problem affecting many Africans, especially because we are unwilling to get tested or ashamed to get our medication when confirmed positive.

I met FARA JAMES December 1, 2015. She was at my office to do an interview for #WorldAidsDay. She has been living with HIV for 21 years. She did not look sick; quite contrary, she looked very well and happy. She shared with me why she has maintained her happiness and how she has remained in good health.

Listen by clicking the play button below. Spread the message that HIV is NOT a death sentence!If you have been tested positive, it is not a death sentence. You can live whole lives in spite of the result. If you have not been tested, then you should go and get tested!

Listen to FARA JAMES and be inspired! Follow my podcast in anticipation of greater things to come. If it affects ‪#‎AFRICANS‬ and people of AFRICAN descent, then you know I will talk about it! Thank you in advance! ‪#‎HIV‬ ‪#‎AIDS‬ ‪#‎LivingWithHIVAIDS‬

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