Wednesday 30 December 2015


 Iwalewa at her hospital bed

I was contacted by Awoseemo Motunrayo Olunike, a legal practitioner, about a little girl – Iwalewa - who needs all the help she can get. Motunrayo has shown that she really cares about this girl, as can be seen on her Facebook page and by how much awareness she is creating to raise funds for Iwalewa. I was a bit skeptic about running a story that involved asking people to send donations, but after waiting for more than a week and talking to her, I have decided to run it. This is what she sent;

I met this little girl Iwalewa sometimes in August 2015 and was astonished at her sharpness. She learns so fast and conduct her younger ones so well as if she is an adult. I particularly took interest in her as she always says she wants to become a lawyer when she grows up like me. I went visiting the area back some weeks ago and was shocked with the condition I met her. My sharp intelligent little friend has become so lean and almost without no strength. She could hardly talk and all she could do was to groan in pain. When I asked what has happened to her, I was told she was diagnosed with a heart condition and needed to undergo heart surgery. I busted into tears and began to cry when I could no longer hold the effect of her groaning in pain. The most painful part is that the family did not know where to get money for the surgery as they have to raise more than 3 million Naira to save her life. I know this family very well, they are very indigent and this little girl is one of the hopes of the family. The brother told me they already contacted Kanu heart Foundation but probably due to long waiting list have yet to get any further response. After crying for a while, I felt I wasn't helping her. I had to leave the place and think of what I can do to help save this little girl. I decided to take her video recording and post it here for people to come to her rescue. A little child saved today may become the savior of others tomorrow. Please lets donate for the surgery of little Iwalewa and get her up from the bed of pain. She could no longer go to school, and I try to imagine how she feels seeing other kids running around in the neighborhood. You can donate to her mum’s account number given below or donate online by clicking here.
Iwalewa before her illness

Account Name: Adegbulehin Moyosola Olayinka
Account Number: 1014657485
Bank:  Skye Bank.

Account Name: Awoseemo Nike
Acct Number: 0037496675
Bank: GT Bank.

Account  Name: Olanisimi Michael
Account Number: 1014155448
Bank: Skye Bank

To donate by western union, by cheque or back draft, call her brother Mike on (+234)9032260723 or her mother on (+234)7039277172 or you can call me on (+234) 8134016691
To donate online please follow our fundraising campaign by click the Donate link Donate Online

I hope that you are touched enough to help out in whatever way you can. Thank you

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