Sunday 14 February 2016


My best friend, Emmanuel Triqx Ebiega Ochima is an awesome man! I can never say this enough! He has been my anchor, my friend, my brother, my confidante, my advisor, my trusted buddy and an epic fufu!
I remember times in school when everyone was broke. Triqx would ensure we never slept hungry; and by we, I mean me, Enigbe Ochekliye,Toni Ochekwu Rhymze, Jamila and Josh. We were one big family and the glue that kept us together is the man I have grown to love, respect, honor and appreciate.
I remember when Halimatu Sadiya Ochekliye was sick and I couldn't do anything to help. You were there with my darling Victoria Kumekor, making sure she didn't feel the absence of her family. What am I saying? YOU AND VICKY WERE HER FAMILY! YOU ARE MY FAMILY!

In my darkest days, he has been my broad shoulder to cry on…and boy does he have them broad shoulders! His nickname is hanger! Lol. I love you Triqx. No vex you hear! Triqx got me through many a rough patch and even now, I call him when I am confused about things.
I think it was providence that a man who taught me love was born on a day set aside to celebrate love. Trust me, you don’t know how crazy I can get when I am pissed off but when Triqx talks to me, I feel this ease. He, like my MASTER and KING, teaches me daily to forgive, forget and let go. It has been hard but it is working! (Hey! It is working jare!)
I am proud of the wisdom that is defined by this man! Like seriously Triqx, how can one man have that much wisdom?! Men, I envy you that me love!
So I want to use this piece to shout out at the top of my lungs. HAPPY BIRTHDAY TRIQX!
I wish you greater wisdom, greatness, understanding, glory, honor, blessings, more grace and all the best our KING has in HIS goodie bag for you! You are a perfect reflection of our LORD and I pray HE continues to keep you on the right path, that HE orders your steps, guides you on your direction so you can keep reflecting HIM.
You mean the world to me and I cannot wait to give you away to that special someone; as a mother concerned (wink). LOL. And don’t argue, I am your mother! Whether you like I or not!
I may not be a fan of Valentine’s Day but because of this wonderful man, I am glad to say, ‘HAPPY VALENTINE TO A MAN WHO KNOWS HOW TO LOVE!’.

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