Monday 9 May 2016


Lost Innocence.
Image: Monster's Closet

Adakole looked at that body and he felt she was begging him to come to bed. He had always considered her a tease; especially because she was constantly hugging him, sitting on his thighs, or on the floor with her legs wide open and feigning innocence like she wasn’t deliberately arousing him. Well, it ends here. He is going to have her today!

He began to take off her clothes. Where she should have been afraid, she laughed! He felt a twinge of anger. Was she laughing at him? He got angrier and slapped her. Today, he was going to show her who the boss was.

He began to touch her and she didn’t respond. If anything, she stiffened. That got him worked up and he used his knee to forcefully spread her legs apart. She started to whimper and soon enough, she was crying; loudly.

Adakole took a pillow and pressed down on her face as he continued touching her. ‘Now you want to act like this isn’t what you always wanted?’ he kept thinking to himself. Well, she shouldn’t have thought she could tease him and go scot free.

He felt searing anger pass through him, doing the only thing he could to break her spirit. He whipped out his penis and forced himself into her. He kept ramming until she stopped moving; she stopped resisting.

When he was done, he asked her to get up. No response. He shook her. No response. He shook her harder. She didn’t move.

She was dead.

Adakole panicked. He knew what would happen to him when her parents found out about what he had done. He also knew he had no other option but to run for his life.

Senator Ibikunle held his crying wife as they addressed the press.

‘Our driver went to pick our daughter from school yesterday and has since not returned. We urge you to please help us with whatever information you have. Her name is Bolanle and our driver is Adakole Emmanuel. Please help us find our little girl. She is just three years old.'


  1. OMG... How men can be irresponsible... There is no moral in our society anymore... We need more than a revival.

    1. True. Ad it is greatly appalling that many children go through one form of abuse or the other.

  2. I was praying that this was fiction. I was hoping it was not true.

    1. Hello Joy. Thanks for reading. It is fiction but it mirrors a lot of what we have heard and read about child sexual abuse. The names might not be real but the scenario rings true for many children; male and female.