Wednesday 25 May 2016


When I started the New Year in January, I prayed to GOD to help me increase my sphere of influence by expanding my reach. I made a pledge to start a podcast and vlog, which would be an audio and visual representation of blog.

It was easy to start the podcast but the vlog kept giving me problems! I didn’t know it was GOD’s way of making me wait for better.

I met Tunde Raphael when I went to Royal Arts Academy. Tunde is a nice, awesome, superb and wonderful person. He puts the needs of others before his own. That is his personality!

His work ethics is just brilliant! He expects the best, so HE GIVES HIS BEST! Even though he was already a good cinematographer, he knew there was always room to learn and improve himself. We would pore over movies and documentaries to improve our technical know-how about film/documentary making! He was, and is always ready to learn!

In time, we became fast friends. I told him about my dreams and before you could say ‘Episode 1’, Tunde was in! He told me to pick a day so we can shoot the episodes of my vlog. In that moment, I knew my dreams were finally coming closer to reality!

Since that time, we have struck a partnership that, I know, will take us great places!
Tuned also taught me how to edit videos and I feel like I am now a well-rounded media person!

If you know me, you know I can be a lot of trouble to work with. When I sit to edit my videos, I am reminded of how troublesome I was during shoots but Tunde never once lost his cool! He always maintained a calm that was impressive and of which I want to emulate. He has taught me to be a better presenter by simply being calm. For that, I cannot help but say I LOVE THIS DUDE!

Tunde, as you mark another birthday anniversary, I pray that you are blessed indeed, that your territory will be increased beyond your best imagination, that wisdom will spring forth from you and understanding shall be your mark. I pray that you become excellent and reaching there, strive for better excellence! I pray that your voice will be heard in this generation and in generations to come! My desire is that, after a long, purpose-driven life, you will leave your legacy in the hearts of men and in the sands of time. As you believed in me and gave your time, energy, finances and knowledge to my dream, may GOD send helpers your way who would replicate what you have done to me a thousand folds! Know that you are loved my friend and partner!


PS: No even play with me! Better keep my cake oh! I no dey laugh! Ehen, bribe me oh…if not…I go expose your age! LOL!


  1. Awesome write up. Tunde am jealous. Its well there is Godoooo

    1. Thank you! Don't be jealous oh! And welcome to the blog!

    2. Thank you! Don't be jealous oh! And welcome to the blog!