Wednesday 31 August 2016


The love of the series – House Of Cards – can lead to many things.

After tweeting about the season four finale, a tweep with the handle @Hunta_Smith said he had not seen that season.

I really don’t know why I asked him to come get it if he was in Kaduna. I didn’t expect he would reply but he did. He not only told me he was in Kaduna but he was willing to meet me where I was.

We made an appointment and I went through his profile to see if I could find any serial killer traits.

When we finally met, I introduced myself and he said, ‘I am Ibrahim Mustapha.’

We got talking and being the nosy inquisitive person that I am, I peppered him with questions about himself and his work. When I was done grilling him, I knew I had write about him.

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