Friday 30 September 2016


King Lebron James Zoning Out to Read a Book
Credit: Spekuliantias 
I attended a basketball league finale recently in Abuja and found out that a couple of the players could not (properly) write their names.

It got me thinking about the number of athletes in the country who are not formally educated and what it means for their career and growth.

So, I sat with Abe Onche, a basketball aficionado, to discuss why formal education is important for athletes.

This is a 3-part series.

Listen to the discussion in the links below!

In the first part of our discussion, we looked at models like High School Basketball, College Basketball and the NBA and how, if applied to our Nigerian system, can contribute to developing better educated athletes.

The conversation continues here.

To conclude our series on Why Athletes Need Formal Education, Abe has a couple of statements for the society, government, families, schooling system and the athletes themselves.

These points are salient and you can contribute by telling us why you think athletes need formal education.

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