Wednesday 26 April 2017


Today I woke up with absolutely no desire to do anything. I was burned out physically and emotionally and I was beginning to feel like my life could be likened to a hamster and her Ferris wheel.

I desperately wanted to just lie in bed and be morose. 'Lazy Song' by Bruno Mars started playing in my head and usually, when that happens, I just go with the flow.

It took the whole of my will power to get up and do my daily routine. For me, that is starting by reading the day's news and checking what is trending on social media. It ends with a shower, wearing whatever is at the top of my box and heading out to the office.

The cold shower turned out to be exactly what I needed to lift my spirits! I was suddenly busting with ideas and content to put out. I couldn't wait to pour a little of myself into the universe.

Some days, you have to find your own motivation to get out of bed. There are days when it will be so hard that there seems to be no point to it. And 'adulting' is so difficult! But if you give in to the darkness, the sorrow, the sadness or the depression, you will be denying the universe some of the wonder that is yourself.

So find your motivation today; whether it is GOD, money, food, work, family, someone, or yourself. Keep the darkness at bay. Get a spring in your step and give some of your you to us!


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