Monday 20 November 2017

On Bad Fathers, Body Shaming and Eminem’s New Song Featuring Beyoncé

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Hey hey!
So this is coming a bit late in the day but it is here! 

How was your week? We hope it was as full and fun as ours was? ‘What did we do?’ you ask. A lot…even if we say so our self.

We reviewed Eminem’s new song featuring Beyoncé (Yes! Beyoncé!) It is called ‘Walk on Water’ and the video just dropped today, November 20, 2017. So we got in quick, right? And we know you might be wondering why we were doing a review of Eminem’s song since Shades of Us is about Africa, Africans and people of African descent – black and brown people basically – but Eminem is an honorary black person! He is one of us y’all! Any hoo, we also reviewed Ride Along starring Ice Cube and Kevin Hart on The Review. It was lit! 

And from the blog, we shared posts about dealing with body shaming, fatherhood (or the lack of it) and the fourth installment of our Here Comes the Bride series. We really should finish that!

We promised to conclude the Long Distance series and put up a new video but…life happened. We feel ashamed but our hands were really tied. They will come up this week. We promise!
So here is everything we shared last week.

From the blog;

On The Review;

And from the YouTube channel;

We also celebrated the Nigerian Bobsled team that qualified for the Winter Olympics happening in Russian in 2018. They are officially the first team in African to qualify for the Winter Olympics and they did it all by themselves. What an inspiration!

This week! We already promised that Long Distance will come up but we can go further to say that you can read the final edition on Tuesday at 10am on the blog! Excited? We sure are! As usual, there will be two episodes of The Review this week and tentatively, a new video. Ei! We can see your skepticism! We will try! Ha! So much pressure.

Any hoo…that was a summary of last week and a preview of what this week would look like. What topic do you want us to discuss? Share your ideas in the comment section and we will get to it!
So…have yourself a great week!

Thank you.

Always Excited,
Ramatu Ada Ochekliye,
Shades of Us

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