Friday 1 May 2020

Flip The Switch

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Edikan felt Ama turn in her sleep as she gained consciousness. He had listened to her troubled sleep – marked by her slight snoring – for the past hour; even though his back remained turned to her. Their fight last night had been the worst in the six months they had been dating. And for the first time since he moved into her apartment, they had slept on each end of the bed.

Sleep? He barely had any. The gap between them as he pretended to sleep could have been a chasm for all he cared. How could she sleep after all that was said yesterday? The only sign that she was as hurt as he was were the sounds of her heavy breathing whilst she slept. Many times during the night, he wanted to turn to her and ask that they resolve their fight immediately. But he waited, knowing that morning would bring some form of clarity to her. And maybe, just maybe, all the things she hurled at him last night, all the…

He stiffened as Ama turned into him, fitting her body into the curve of his spine and wrapping her leg around his. Her pointed nipples pressed into his back as her warm breath caressed his nape. He stiffened further when she began to trail her fingers down a path to his already throbbing penis.

His breath caught in his throat when she wrapped her palm around him, tightening her grip a bit…enveloping him in an unspoken promise. She began to rub ever so gently from his tingling tip to its base, pausing to caress his balls before resuming the journey back up to his tip.

‘Babe…’ he began to utter whilst trying to remove her hand from him.

He was surprised at the strength she used to turn him on his back. Her full breasts invited him to drink in their glorious beauty, just as they disappeared to show her spine arch all the way up to the mounds that were her butt cheeks. A moan escaped him when she replaced her palm with her mouth.

Babe…wait a minute…we need to t…’ he sucked in his breath as she took in most of his length all the way to her the back of her throat. If he didn’t stop her now, he wouldn’t be able to resist the yearning that was throbbing in his core right now. But he couldn’t continue to let her use sex to ignore their fights, or ‘apologize’ to him. They needed to talk.  

When she came up for air, Edikan put his palms over his penis and rolled away from her, mistakenly hitting her head on his way away from her.  

‘What the fuck?!’ Ama exploded.

He rushed back to her. ‘I am sorry. Are you hurt?’ he asked, holding her face and looking into her eyes.

Her hands went back to his penis. ‘I will be fine when I have him in me.’ She responded, her voice husky with need.

Edikan pulled away from her and got off the bed. ‘Babe, we have to talk.’

Ama followed him, running her hands slowly down her breast. ‘Yes. We need to talk…with your tongue speaking wonderfully thing to my clit as I respond in kind to your dick. Yes…we need to talk, with you taking me from behind, pounding…’


‘…hard into me, owning me. Yes, baby. Come talk to me.’

Edikan grabbed a pillow and put between them as she gained on him.

‘Babe, can we just talk about this? There were things said last night that…’

She tried to remove the pillow. He held on to it. She tried again. He remained adamant.

Edikan watched the anger jump into her eyes as she took it all in. Her hands fell from the pillow and she took a step back.

‘Are. You. Rejecting. Me?’

The edge in her voice set him on edge. He took in a much-needed breath so he wouldn’t lash out.

‘Babe, I am not re-.’

‘Because here I am…standing naked in front of you, basically throwing myself at you and begging you for sex and…what is this? You rejecting me? Goodness, are we there yet? Where you think…’

‘I am not re-.’

‘…you can reject me? I want to have sex a-.’

‘And I don’t want to have sex, goddammit!’

Edikan watched her flinch at his raised voice. Again, he drew air into his heaving lungs.

‘I am sorry for raising my voice. But we cannot continue to do this dance where we have a fight and, rather than discuss the issue, you offer me sex.’

‘I offer you sex? What the hell is that supposed to mean?!’

‘Is it normal that the only time you initiate sex is when you know you have offended me? That we went through the whole of last week not being intimate because you rebuffed me every single time I so much as tried to kiss or cuddle you and now, you want to have sex? And right after we had the biggest fight in this relationship?’

‘Oh, there I was thinking I was trying to solve the problem.’ She responded, increasing the space between them.

Ama’s response irked Edikan. She knew exactly how much he hated sarcasm, especially when they were fighting.

‘You don’t solve a problem by having sex. You can’t say those hurtful words to me and think I would want to have sex. I am not someone you can just cower into submission because you suck me a little and ride me once in a while.’

‘You didn’t seem to mind before.’ Ama muttered under her breath.

‘What was that?’


‘Ama, are you deliberately trying to make this situation even worse than it already is?’, he asked, talking slowly as he struggled to control himself from another angry bust.

‘What do you expect me to think?!’ Ama plops onto the bed and pulls the duvet to cover herself. ‘You expect me to want to have sex when I am not in the mood? Do y-.

‘Do you think I always want to sex?!’ Edikan interrupted. ‘And do you especially think every time you want to have sex, I want to have sex?’

‘Your dick begs to differ. For goodness sake, it is still slightly hard!’

Edikan looks down at his penis and, ‘What?! This is fucking morning wood. It is a bloody physiological response. If I go to pee now, all this “hardness” would be gone. You do understand that this doesn’t necessarily mean arousal, right?!’

He watched Ama’s face flush…and begin to crumble.

‘Are you saying…you don’t want me? That you never wanted me?’

Edikan huffed. ‘Is that all you are getti-.’

He stopped as soon as he saw the tears begins to drop; deflated. He walked to her and pulled her into his arms. ‘Look, I don’t want to hurt you. And I am definitely not saying this to make you cry. But I am hurting and yesterday, lines were crossed. I want to see if it is something we can we can walk back from. I love you and I just want us to ta…what are you doing?’

Ama was no longer crying...or even listening to him. She was rubbing his penis with one hand, and his back with the other. ‘Please…baby.’

Edikan let his hands drop from her body. ‘You would rather have sex – again – than talk about this?’

‘We can talk afterwards. Right now, I want you.’

His penis began to harden. ‘You would rather we go down this path even though you know I don’t want to have sex right now? Even though you and I both know you will still not want to talk afterwards?’

‘But baby, you want to. Look at you respond to my touch? He…’ she tightened her arms around his penis, watching as it pulsed at her touch. ‘…wants me.’ She directed his hand to her clitoris where he felt her dripping response to the hardening of his penis.

‘This isn’t...’

She kissed him, pressing her breasts to his chest as she wrapped her legs around him. ‘Shhhh…baby. Let me take care of you.’

He watched her guide his penis into her moist core, tightening the walls of her vagina as soon as she had the whole of him inside her. And gently, she began to ride him, unbothered by his lack of response where in the past, he would have been matching her ascent and descent with strokes of his own, grabbing armfuls of her breast with one arm and chunks of her hair with the other.

She looked at him, ‘You know you cannot keep this up, right? You want me. Let yourself go’, and she kegeled.

Edikan moaned…loudly…and flipped her over, bending her head into the bedding as she arched – perfectly – to meet his thrusts. He increased his speed and her moans got louder, interspersed with cries of her begged him to own her.

He was beginning to feel the pressure build up for a powerful explosion when he felt the tremors of her vaginal walls as her body began to orgasm. He screamed, knowing he could not hold on any longer. For the first time in their relationship, they orgasmed together in a loud, explosive fusion that left both of them gasping for air.


‘I love you, baby. And while we should never fight again like we did yesterday, there is something good that came out of it. This is the most amazing sex we have ever had together. Goodness! Do you see how much I am still shaking? And God! You screamed!’ Ama laughed, burrowing herself into the crook of his arm and rubbing her arms on his chest. ‘You screamed, baby. What happened to silent you? Goodness!’ She pulled up slightly and kissed his cheek. ‘For someone who said his hardness was just "physiological response", you fucked like a man who wanted me. Nah. Who needed me! Come here, baby! I want to kiss you all over! I am so happy!’

Edikan ease away and sat with his back to her.

‘You know…if the roles were reverse…if we flip the switch…and I pressured you into having sex, even after you had expressly said you didn’t want to, you would say that I sexually harassed you… maybe even raped you. But since you are happy, what does it matter?’

He got up and headed to the bathroom, ignoring the utter look of stupefaction on her face as he closed the door…and began to cry.

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