Tuesday 18 July 2023

Mandela's Light: A Beacon of Hope

Image by USA Today.

"Mandela's Light: A Beacon of Hope"

 By Cynthia Umeh

In honor of Nelson Mandela, a beacon of hope,

With courage and resilience, his spirit spoke,

Let's unite and be strong, as we celebrate,

His legacy is forever, and our hearts resonate.

Against adversity, he fought with might,

Breaking chains, embracing a new light,

His heart overflowed with grace and care,

Advocating equality, showing all souls are rare.

A visionary, he believed in forgiveness true,

Through darkness, he never lost his view,

A united future where love would ignite,

His plea, let's answer with all our might.

Let kindness guide us, compassion prevail,

In a world where justice will never fail,

Mandela's spirit forever in our hearts will shine,

Together, let's transform and heal the divisions of our time.

Raise your voices, celebrate a man who soared,

His legacy is etched in hearts, forever adored,

Today we gather, hand in hand, as one,

Honoring Mandela under every shining sun

Let's build a world where freedom rings,

In unity, we stand for the change he brings,

Happy Mandela Day, a day of reflection and action,

With unwavering passion, let's strive for justice and compassion.

Carry Mandela's teachings, never cease,

In pursuit of equality, justice, and lasting peace.

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