Saturday 14 October 2023

Celebrating Teachers at the Heart of Education Recovery

Photo by Katerina Holmes by Pexels

By Ruth Ajawu

Hey there, fellow education enthusiasts! Every year, we throw a virtual confetti party for World Teachers' Day!

I am sure we all had favourite teachers from primary school, to secondary school, to university.

I can vividly recall my primary school fave. She was this adorable woman called Mrs. Onorah, my class teacher in primary one and two. She was more of a mother to me than a teacher to be honest. She gave the warmest hugs and always had inspiring quotes on the tip of her tongue for every moment. I loved her so much and I secretly cried when she was not my teacher in primary three. 

My secondary school fave was my history teacher from SS1 – SS3 called Mr. Oshobu. He was so intentional about his students' education. He had a way of making the classes not just about teaching, but about storytelling the history of Nigeria. Not to brag, but I never had any grade less than 90% in history. I still remember wishing he could have taught me every subject.

Fast forward to university, everything was going well till COVID 19 decided to crash the party and schools had to shut down. But guess who came to the rescue? Our fabulous teachers, armed with Zoom links, Google Classroom, and an unwavering spirit. Overnight, these teachers transformed into tech wizards, teaching through screens and making virtual learning as exciting and interactive as they could.

So, what is our role in this epic story? We need to be the cheerleaders now! Let us show our appreciation to teachers by sending them digital high-fives, virtual bouquets of gratitude, and emojis of applause.

Remember, a simple “Thank You, Teacher!” can brighten their day and remind them that they are recognized and cherished.

As we celebrate World Teachers' Day, let us do it with a big bang. Our teachers have shown us that they are not just educators: they are superheroes who can overcome any obstacle to ensure that we continue to learn, grow, and thrive.

To all the teachers out there, you are not just at the heart of education recovery; you are at the heart of our hearts!

Celebrate a teacher today!

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