Sunday 2 June 2024

Empowering Women at the Wassa IDP Conference

Stand With A Girl (SWAG) Initiative Hosting A Conference for Women in the Wassa
Internally Displaced Persons' Camp in Abuja, Nigeria

By Cynthia Umeh

Stand With A Girl (SWAG) Initiative hosted an event at the Wassa Internally Displaced Persons (IDP) Camp in Abuja, Nigeria, to commemorate the 2024 International Women's Day. The conference gave internally displaced women a forum to share their experiences, honor their strengths, and pave the road for a better future. 

Shades of Us attended the Internally Displaced Women's Conference at Wassa IDP Camp because we believe in amplifying voices, fostering empathy and understanding, advocating for rights, collaborating with stakeholders, and contributing to capacity-building efforts aimed at empowering internally displaced women.

The welcoming remarks, delivered by the Woman Leader at the camp, set a tone of warmth and inclusivity, emphasizing the importance of collective action in advancing the rights and well-being of internally displaced women. Partners were acknowledged for their invaluable support, underscoring the collaborative efforts driving positive change within the community.

Speaking on behalf of the SWAG Initiative, Maureen M. Torkula provided insight into the organization's work, especially as it relates to the WELEAD Project, which was carried out at the Wassa IDP camp. Through the provision of necessary tools, training, and chances for social and economic development, this program seeks to empower women and promote resilience and self-sufficiency.

In her speech, Seyi Bolaji discussed the importance of International Women's Day and the critical role that conferences like this one play in elevating the voices of women who are internally displaced. The lives and hardships of the Wassa women were depicted through gripping theatrical performances, highlighting their tenacity.

Several women shared their personal testimonies, highlighting the impact of the WELEAD Project. These courageous women spoke of how SWAG's interventions had transformed their lives economically and in various other aspects. Through the WELEAD Project, they gained access to vital resources, skills, and opportunities that empowered them to become economically self-sufficient. Their testimonies served as powerful reminders of the tangible difference that initiatives like SWAG can make in the lives of internally displaced women, inspiring hope and resilience within the community.

The women in Wassa brought a touch of culture to the event by showcasing their colorful heritage through mesmerizing drumming and dance performances. This delighted the audience and brought pleasure and celebration to the event.

A vibrant dance finale marked the event's conclusion. The Woman Leader expressed heartfelt appreciation to partners and participants for their unwavering commitment to empowering internally displaced women and fostering positive change within the community.

The Internally Displaced Women's Conference at Wassa IDP Camp showed that through collaborative efforts and empowering initiatives, these women are reclaiming their agency, dignity, and right to a better future. As we reflect on International Women's Day, let us reaffirm our commitment to supporting and uplifting the most vulnerable among us, ensuring that every woman has the opportunity to thrive and succeed.

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