Thursday 8 May 2014

Can We Be Any More Stupid?!

Photo by Mitja Juraja on Pexels

From the moment I read about the attack on kids in Yobe State, I have had this heaviness in my heart and cannot seem to dispel it. This heaviness has wrapped its claws firmly around my chest region and it might not abate in a long time.
Where did these gunmen lose their humanity? I get fighting men who are on equal footing with you but when you attack children who are smaller than you, have no inkling of why they are attacked, and who are in no way of any consequence to your cause, then you know that you have gone from enforcing your cause to blatant disregard for the essence of the human life!

What is worse is the apathy of the governors of the North as a whole and the three North-Eastern governors in particular. Are there any more apathetic governors than these?! Their citizens are slaughtered almost every day and the atrocities in Izge, Bama, Yobe, and some parts of Madagali have been nothing short of bone-jarring. Not only are the governors not bothered about this, but they also go about their selfish agenda like these Nigerian lives do not matter! I am so mad at these governors!

If the governors showed some form of concern for their citizens, it would translate to speedy action from the office of the Presidency. The President will then not be accepting awards in grandiose ceremonies while his citizens are been slaughtered daily. If the President were under pressure from the coalition of all the Northern governors, he would have ensured that the military did a speedy job of cleaning up this menace. The president should be hiding his head in shame instead of thinking of another term. He, of course, cannot do this because the Northern governors, in fact, the entire governors of Nigeria, have not pressed on him to end this massacre of his citizens!

Speaking of the military, we heard statements like, 'the Nigerian land army is the best in the world' and my question is, 'how can you be the best in the world and can't handle an issue on the home front?' You were sent to Mali and you helped them resolve their issue yet, you cannot contain the evil happening in one region in your own country? 

I read a report about the recent killings, and rather than Nigerians fighting their common enemy, they went ham on each other, bringing tribalism and religious hatred into the equation! Can we be any more stupid? Who cares about your tribe or your religious affiliation? Children died for being Nigerians and you honestly think your tribe is important at this moment? Again I ask, can we be any more stupid? Isn't it high time we stopped playing the tribal and religious card and started playing the patriotic card?!

I can assure you that if we do not start being more concerned about our nation than we are about our tribes and religion, the terror unleashed in the Northeastern region will spill into other regions of this nation until the whole nation implodes on itself in a full-blown war. Then, maybe, will we realize that what affects one Nigerian, affects all Nigerians! Take a cue from the Central African Republic for crying out loud! It will be worse for Nigeria if we get to that point because we have so many tribes and even in our religious beliefs, within the same religion, there are different factions. Imagine what a war will look like!

Wake up Nigeria! Wake up to the fact that we cannot continue like this! The moment children became targets, we all lost our safety. No one is safe! No one!

My heart weeps for this nation! Oh, Nigeria! Oh, my land! Oh, my home! The gutter of our minds has to be cleaned up. Our atrocities as a nation are catching up to us! Our complacent tolerance of corruption has allowed us to welcome our very own destruction!

Oh, Nigeria! When will we be united against our enemy? When will we stop this foolish tribalism and religious partiality? When will we regard human life above regional locations? Oh, Nigeria! Oh, our motherland!

Couldn't help but rant but this massacre of Nigerians must come to an end!

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