Thursday, 8 May 2014


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I am overly sensitive about the plight of women and children: women because they are at the mercy of society's dictates and children because they are quite helpless and need protection.

I am also known to easily get into a rant about issues that touch me, be they direct or otherwise. As a result, I can be totally jaded when issues surrounding women are brought to fore.

Having said that, I want to say I'm totally normal and clear-eyed as I type this piece. Also, I hold responsibility for every word that appears here.

On twitter a few months ago, a guy said women who got raped had themselves to blame. The sky turned red for me at that point and I couldn't see past the bloody curtain.

I asked how women could cause something of such life-altering magnitude to happen to themselves. He said provocative dressing was a reason why women were raped. I asked him to explain how women who wore Nikkab and were still raped; how they used their 'provocative dressing' to seduce their rapists. He said that women who wore Nikkab were never raped. At that point, I knew I was talking to a dunce!

Rape, right from the get go, has always had more adverse effect on the victim, than the perpetrator. Women who have been fact, everyone who has been raped, has had to coil up in shame and hide. They cringe from the sheer effects of it, such that speaking about it is a not common. Most rape victims are so scarred after such incidents that they totally clam up and shut off sexual relations. It seems that the more violent the rape, the less likely the victim is to talk about it. Society has also effectively found a way of putting the blame at the woman's feet, thereby increasing instances of shame-laden silence. So when a woman in a Nikkab doesn't come out to say she has been raped, that doesn't change the fact that she has been!

Back to the deliberately dense dude. Seeing that he was unwilling to get off his obviously dead horse, I asked him to tell me how a three-month old baby could have dressed provocatively enough to make a man feed his groin to her until he ejaculated. I also asked him to explain how a 4-year old could have provocatively lured a man to dip his finger in her vagina and fondle her until she bled, how a 13-year old who kept screaming, 'Uncle stop! Please!' could have been the wanton seductress. He said in such cases, the rapist was sick and needed psychological help. I gave him a good tongue lashing, insisting that a man who raped kids was no 'sicker' than a man who raped women!

I've heard of totally good girls who got raped on their way from school, church, the office etc. I've talked to girls who got raped by that close 'friend', brother, cousin, uncle and even father! I've seen pictures of girls who boarded buses in India, who got gang-raped by as many as seven men, leading to an eventual death. How did these girls 'seduce' their attackers?! How did they provocatively lure them?!

Now, if rumors are to be believed, the #ChibokGirls are being raped up to fifteen times a day by the insurgents at the Sambisa forest. Can one of those rape-apologists tell me how those girls wantonly sought their abductors/rapists?!

It is bad that society makes it hard for women and children who have been raped, but that you attribute the rape to the actions of the woman is pure wickedness! Can you imagine the pain that comes with forced entry into a woman's core? Can you imagine how dreadful the act is to the woman, not just physically, but emotionally and psychologically too? Do you know how many women have had to commit suicide, or led totally lack-lustre sex lives because of one incidence of rape? Do you know the trauma rape victims suffer...and keep suffering FOR LIFE?!

Women have had to bear the brunt of war, male chauvinism and sometimes masochism. Just because a woman doesn't wear her heart on her sleeve doesn't mean her heart isn't designed by her scars of life!

The time has come for people to stand up for those 2-year olds whose 'uncles' forced their penis into their vaginas. We need to fight for 8-year olds carrying babies of their own; babies whose gene pool is the same with their granddad. We cannot continue to shut up while 13-year-olds are married off to 65 year old 'grandbands' and most especially, we need to bring to justice all the sons-of-a-gun who force themselves upon women!

Until rape is treated as a crime against the humanity of the victim, more and more destruction to the moral fabric of society will continue.

For all rape victims, as hard as it may be, you need to talk about it to the right channel; lawyers who major in rape and sexual assaults, counsellors who can help you get back on your feet and most especially, find a source - whether you call it God or Allah or whatever - that you can pour your heart to as you try to find healing!

As for all rapists, I feel castration is a fitting punishment but not necessarily enough. I hope the justice systems gets you and punishes you appropriately.



  1. a brilliant write up....... the society has being made to believe that there is a reason for rape which gives more grease to the elbows of the rapist for at the end they know their masochism would be praise while the victim dance to the tune of the society (stigmatization) if she dares to speak. if only they knew better, they will act better....... weldone.....

    1. Thank you for reading! I am grateful. And I am glad we are taking steps to addressing these societal issues.