Wednesday 27 January 2016


I saw her open her make up case - more like big box - and proceed to start her work. I needed to be sure I was seeing things correctly. I waited for some minutes until she moisturized her face and started applying the makeup.

‘Are you doing the makeup yourself?’ I asked incredulously.

She responded with a simple ‘Yes’.

I had never seen that done before. You see, Omoteseh Afolabi was to be married that day; SHE WAS THE BRIDE!

Anyone who has been to a wedding knows that quiet brides become bridezillas and the crazy ones just go bonkers! Not Omoteseh though. She was a study in quiet concentration! She applied her makeup like she was applying on anyone BUT herself. If I wasn’t so shocked, I would have done the Nae Nae as I screamed, ‘You go girl!’

You see, Omoteseh Afolabi is a makeup artist and owner of Noria Concept, Kaduna. Unlike most people, she actually set out to try other makeup artists for her big day but they just didn’t seem to get it right. It was after a badly done pre-wedding photo that she decided to do her make up herself. She said and I quote, ‘Nobody understands my face like I do’.

She not only did the makeup for the traditional wedding, she also did it for her white wedding. While most brides would have been fidgeting and anxious, she was impressively calm.

The makeup turned out flawless! She looked radiant and more beautiful than ever! She practically glowed!

I decided I want her as my makeup artist on my special occasions and maybe on my wedding; if I get married. LOL. (Don’t panic dear future husband, I am just pulling your legs)  

You see, a woman who can control her nerves on her big day and still put out an awesome piece of art is a woman I would like to work with! I also would like to recommend her to intending brides and women needing an artist for whatever occasion they want to attend. Call her on 08067621177 to book an appointment.

I was more impressed when I heard that she learned all she knows by investing in herself, even when it was the hardest thing to do. She went hungry many times so she could pay for courses and equip herself.

Learn from this. You owe it to yourself to improve yourself at every point in your life!

Scroll down to see more pictures of the work Omoteseh Afolabi does. 

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