Wednesday 27 January 2016


David Ichukwu Patrick or Dip Ace as he is known by many, is a young entrepreneur from Benue state. He has lived almost all his life in Kaduna state and he could easily pass for a person from Kaduna.

He was studying graphics when someone suggested he delved into photography. The suggestion included an internship with a professional photographer for about a year. He took up the advice.

Dip Ace was just doing the average until he stumbled on Instagram. He saw pictures that were, in his words, completely awesome! He was further surprised to see that many of the exceptionally good pictures were done by black people. He had always held the view that only white people were good at photography, chief because he felt they had all the necessities for a successful career. When he saw black photographers telling awesome stories with their pictures, he knew that it could happen with him; that photography had absolutely nothing to do with race or gender! He decided at that moment that he was going to pursue photography.

Today, he is one of the more known and highly sought photographers in Kaduna state.
He did a couple of my professional shots and I must say that I was pleasantly impressed; not just by his art, but also by his charming demeanor, his pleasant manner and his ability to calm my jittery nerves to get the best of the shoot.

I am so thoroughly impressed that I recommend Dip Ace for anyone who wants to do a shoot in Kaduna.

You can check him out via the following platforms;

FACEBOOK: David Dip-Ace Patrick OR DipPhotos
MOBILE NUMBER: 07064335897

Check out some of his pictures below and have a feel of his capabilities!


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