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Image of Beautiful black woman sitting in front of her computer.
Beautiful black woman sitting in front of her computer.
Image: Blunt Moms.

She had decided to share her story. It wasn’t the timing that convinced her to finally spill her gut, as there was no time appropriate enough to share the horrifying things that had happened to her for the last five years.

The country was becoming progressive as could be seen on social media and deciding to share the story on Twitter was something she was sure would be a good decision. She didn’t want to trend or anything; she just wanted to share the story and get it off her mind. She hoped that someone among her 6,000 tweeps who had similar experiences would see her story and glean some form of hope for the future.

She debated whether or not to set up a new Twitter account or just use her own. All her personal information was linked on social media and she was worried people might troll her to eternity.

She also knew she was going to be touching some of the ‘untouchables’ in the country. Her safety was something she needed to really consider. That was why she moved houses, quit her job, changed her numbers, stopped going to her church and cut out her friends. She had no family so it was easy to ‘drop off the face of the earth’.

She was going to do this if it was the last thing she did. She got out her computer, connected to the internet, and started typing.


@marthaomohkpeda: Hi guys. I am Martha Omokpeda. I am the only child of my parents and I am 23 years old. I am a runs girl and this is my story. 1.

@marthaomohkpeda: I was born to a middle class family and being an only child, I had a very comfortable life. I had almost everything I wanted. 2.

@marthaomohkpeda: When I was 17, my world turned upside down with the fatal accident of my parents. They had not been buried when the banks foreclosed our properties because they were all mortgaged. 3.

@marthaomohkpeda: Turned out my parents were bankrupt and we were neck deep in debt. The family lawyer got me off the hook because I was a minor and... 4.

@marthaomohkpeda: …because I could not be held responsible for my parents’ actions. The banks let me go with a box of clothes and nothing else. I set out for the world with less than N200,000 in my account. 5.

@marthaomohkpeda: I paid for a house, knowing that a base was the most important thing I needed at that moment. I also paid my school fees, as I had just gained admission into the university. 6.

@marthaomohkpeda: By the time I had settled in, I had just N30, 000 left in my account. I knew that I had to find work as soon as possible or get a rich boyfriend. That was when I met Hadiza Umaru. 7.

@marthaomohkpeda: Hadiza was the epitome of beauty and the biggest girl in school. She had a Range Rover, rented one of the biggest houses in town and only wore designer clothes. She was a year ahead of me and as faith would have it… 8.

@marthaomohkpeda: …she was carrying over a course I was going to take. On the first day of lectures, she sat down beside me. When the class was over, she started a conversation with me. She needed my help. 9.

@marthaomohkpeda: She wanted me to cover for her in class, let her know of any tests or assignment and generally keep her abreast of what was happening in the department. I must say I was enthralled by her beauty and said yes. 10.

@marthaomohkpeda: The first time I wrote a test for her because she was out of town, she sent me N50,000 as appreciation. I was shocked beyond words. I knew that I had found THE WAY to make money. 11.

@marthaomohkpeda: I did this for one semester, and I was never broke in school. Soon enough, Hadiza brought her friends into the mix. They were all big girls who couldn’t be bothered with the rigors of school. 12.

 @marthaomohkpeda: When we were getting into 200L, I had saved up to N350,000 from my work for the girls. I was feeling like a big girl too until Hadiza invited me to hang out with her at her house. 13.

@marthaomohkpeda: When I saw the splendor of her house, I couldn’t help but salivate. I sat down like a true JJC and just drank in the magnificence of her ‘school apartment’. I wondered what her REAL APARTMENT looked like! 14.

 @marthaomohkpeda: She got her maid to serve me a platter of finger foods that I had not been able to afford since my parents died. Then came lunch and I almost fainted at the array of continental cuisine. And the dessert! 15.

@marthaomohkpeda: When we were done, we retired to the living room and lounged on the couch. Hadiza stared at me for a few minutes until I was visibly uncomfortable. I squirmed as I waited for her to say something. 16.

@marthaomohkpeda: She told me she was rich because she ‘used what she had to get what she wanted’. It sounded clichéd but I didn’t pretend not to understand. 17.

@marthaomohkpeda: She told me she had seen my ‘hunger’ and if I was willing, I could be way richer than I could ever imagine by being a runs girl. She didn’t need to convince me much. I was game! 18.

@marthaomohkpeda: We went to our first party and I got my first client; a commissioner. He was quite boring and I wore him out in less than 40 minutes. He was so well sated that he gave me N200,000 that night. 19.

@marthaomohkpeda: I poured the money in my lap and almost fainted with excitement! In one night, I got this much money! What would happen in a month?! 20.

@marthaomohkpeda: That is how I continued with my new found source of income. We went out every Thursday and returned on Sunday. Every night, it was a different ‘big man’. 21.

@marthaomohkpeda: At the end of the month, I was a millionaire. That was when Hadiza introduced me to Senator Lemuel Owolabi. He was one of the most influential senators in the country. 22.

@marthaomohkpeda: Hadiza wanted him but he chose me. She was mad but she let it go. She settled instead for Senator Maigida Hassan, who wa, by all standards, way richer than Senator Lemuel. 23.

@marthaomohkpeda: I became the Senator’s main squeeze. He told me he wanted exclusivity and if I granted him his request, he would ensure that I was settled for life. 24.

@marthaomohkpeda: The deal came with a duplex in Asokoro, a Range Rover 2015 model and a N3 million monthly allowance. 25.

@marthaomohkpeda: I acted up for a week and that got him to bump the pay to N5 million and 4 trips abroad yearly. I became Senator Lemuel’s kept woman. 26.

@marthaomohkpeda: Senator Lemuel was shy with me and even after multiple sessions, he never seemed satisfied. I was worried. After dating for a month, I asked him what the problem was. 27.

@marthaomohkpeda: It took him time to tell me but to cut a long story short, he told me he only got satisfied when he had anal sex. I was disgusted but I didn’t show it. I decided to let him do it. 28.

@marthaomohkpeda: For the first time with me, the senator had mad pleasure. His excitement and satisfaction made me keep quiet about the excruciating pain I had suffered. That month, I got N7 million. 29.

@marthaomohkpeda: That became our routine. We only had anal sex and Senator Lemuel was pleased. I wasn’t. I had to go for corrective surgery every three months to tighten my anus for proper function. 30.

@marthaomohkpeda: One day, the Senator and I got into a huge fight and he hit me. Before I could get over the shock, he hit me again. And again. And then some. 31.

@marthaomohkpeda: As he continued to hit me, he got aroused and pushed me to the floor. His penis was out in a second and for the first time in my life, I was anally raped. 32.

@marthaomohkpeda: Anal sex, with lubricants, is very painful. Imagine what pain I felt when I was raped. I had just had a surgery and Senator Lemuel tore through the stiches. 33.

@marthaomohkpeda: When he was done, he started crying and begging me. He said didn’t know what made him behave like that. He swore he was never going to behave like that ever again. 34.

@marthaomohkpeda: I didn’t respond or acknowledge him. I just stayed there and cried. Senator Lemuel got his personal physician to the house and I had a surgery again. It was all hush hush and I returned home. 35.

@marthaomohkpeda: It took me one month to heal; one month where Senator Lemuel bought me all kinds of designer things and paid in N10 million into my account. 36.

@marthaomohkpeda: I knew I had come to the end of the road with him so I devised a plan to escape the relationship; he was after all, a powerful man. 37.

@marthaomohkpeda: I told him that I had forgiven him and that I realized that violence turned him on. I told him that as soon as I was okay, I would let him hit me before sex if he AGREED to ONLY fuck me in my vagina. 38.

@marthaomohkpeda: The fool was giddy with excitement and promised I would never regret it. I promised he would have the time of his life and that I loved him. Ta! He accepted my proposal; hook, line and sinker. 39.

@marthaomohkpeda: I found out the house and cars were in the Senator’s name but my money was mine. I told the Senator to let me go abroad to rest for a week and come home to the kinkiest sex he had ever had. 40.

@marthaomohkpeda: Of course I had to make it believable by demanding more money and when he said no, I cowered in mock fear. I played to his ego and the idiot believed me. 41.

@marthaomohkpeda: He got my ticket and I left for France three days later. As soon as I got to France, I got a ticket back to Nigeria. I came back home almost immediately; but this time, to Lagos. 42.

@marthaomohkpeda: I took a taxi and travelled out of Lagos to where I started a new life. Senator Lemuel never found me and that was that. 43.

@marthaomohkpeda: This happened about 2 years ago and I felt the need to come out with this story because Senator Lemuel is gunning for Vice President of this country in next month’s elections. A rapist should not be our Vice President. 44.

@marthaomohkpeda: I have more. I sent Sahara Reporters copies of fake accounts and corporations with which Senator Lemuel funneled money meant for his constituency. I also have proof that Senator Lemuel deals...45.

@marthaomohkpeda: …in drugs and human trafficking. To add to that, I have a list of the governors who collected World Bank loans for themselves and how Senator Lemuel blackmailed them into paying him N100 million monthly. 46.

@marthaomohkpeda: I also have lists of Senators and House of Representative Members who got into office because Senator Lemuel provided goons to rig their elections. They pay him N10 million monthly. 47.

@marthaomohkpeda: While he thought I was just a foolish, money-hungry girl, I was gathering information I felt would come handy in the future. This time, I don’t want money for it. 48.

@marthaomohkpeda: Senator Lemuel is an evil person with powers everywhere. That is why I had to disappear to get this story out. Do not be fooled by the simple, humble and caring persona. He is a beast! 49.

@marthaomohkpeda: I don’t have pictures of my battered body after he beat and raped me but it happened and I know that somehow, that was my punishment for being a runs girl. Thankfully, I have a new life now. 50.

@marthaomohkpeda: I want to use this opportunity to warn girls off this trade. There is only trouble on this path. I am done now. I hope someone listens. Do not vote Senator Lemuel Owolabi into office! 51.

As soon as she was done, Sahara Reporters ran the story. In less than an hour, each tweet had been retweeted over a thousand times. In two hours, it was the number one trend in the country.

  • Martha Omohkpeda
  •  Senator Lemuel
  •  #AnallyRaped
  • Sahara reporters
  • Runs girls
  • Vice president
  • Hadiza
  • Senator Maigida
  • Senator Lemuel’s wife
  •  #7MillionNairaPerMonth
Everyone who was anyone on Twitter was talking about the biggest trend in the country. Proverbial shit hit the fan when neighboring countries started tweeting about the running mate of Dr. Amadi Chinedu, presidential candidate of Nigerian Democrats’ Party and most tipped candidate to win the elections.

Radio and television stations latched onto the story, especially in light of the fact that copies of indicting documents were published by Sahara Reporters.

The everyday Nigerian though was more interested in the fact that Martha was a high end hooker than that a Vice Presidential candidate was blatantly corrupt and a rapist. Oh! There were those who believed that he should step down and go to jail but they were few and in between.

The democrats’ party went about their damage control, tarnishing what was left of the credibility of Martha’s testimony. Each time they brought up their counter allegation, Martha reiterated her story. And the allegations were crazy. Martha was accused of stalking Senator Lemuel for years in a bid to be his girlfriend. Mrs. Lemuel Owolabi even had a press conference where she spoke of being beaten by Martha and threatened with death. She said she never talked about them so her husband’s opponents would not think they were trying to win the elections by playing the sympathy card.

Martha clapped back by tweeting, ‘Things you would do to become a Vice President’s wife! What a shame that you would support him like this! #AidingAndAbettingARapist #SupporterOfCorruption’

Accounts were quickly moved and the governors, senators and representatives on the infamous list maintained their allegiance to Senator Lemuel. It seemed like they were tearing Martha’s stories apart but for one thing; Martha kept insisting that her story was true and factual. Many people believed Martha but still many people believed the Senator. The back and forth went on for a week and didn’t seem to be abating. It was close to elections and this was the juiciest thing the media had to report. It was also every writer’s haven!

Then a plane carrying 260 Nigerians from Abuja to Lagos crashed and that became the newest story to chase after. A new twitter trend started and everyone forgot about Martha Omokpeda.


The national elections were postponed for three months to mourn the victims of the fatal air crash and to revamp the aviation sector. Parties talked about how they intended to improve the Nigerian aviation sector but it was only the democrats’ party that went to see each of the grieving families of the air crash and to promise life pensions for the loss if voted into power.

It was no surprise then that on Election Day, Dr. Amadi Chinedu was announced the winner of the presidential elections. He won 62% of the votes and there were jubilation in all parts of the country. He was the one who would take Nigeria to greater heights, who would improve her economy and who would ensure that Nigeria became one of the G8 nations of the world.

He constituted his first press conference that was attended by all media stations in the country, in Africa and some of the top media stations in the world. This was after all, a great moment for Nigeria and Africa as a whole.

Smiling next to him was his Vice President elect, former Senator Lemuel Owolabi.


They finally broke down the door to the two bedroom apartment in Delta. The smell had been horrible for days and the caretaker of the building was tired of the complaints from his other tenants. As they checked the rooms, they called out Jamila, the house tenant’s name. There was no response. The smell seemed stronger on the left side so they opened the room on that side.

Lying on the bed and sleeping peacefully, was the very beautiful Jamila Ahmad. Though she looked like she was just taking a nap, it was clear that she must have been dead for at least three days.

As the caretaker called the police, he wondered what would make a young girl like this die in her sleep. He was never to know that she was poisoned by one of the most sophisticated poisons in the world. He also would never know that if her system was checked in an autopsy, no traces of the poison would be found. What was worse was that, no one was ever to know that the poison had been as slow as it was painful and that the last face Jamila saw was the smirking face of Senator Lemuel Owolabi or rather, Vice President Lemuel Owolabi.

Her death didn’t make the news. She had no family, no friends, no colleagues and no acquaintances. In fact, she had no one! So no one remembered her. No one grieved for her. No one even knew that she had died. If anyone did, they would have seen the uncanny resemblance to Martha Omokpeda, an infamous runs girl who ousted a Senator for corruption, rape, drug and human cartels and weird sexual fetishes. For Jamila Ahmad was Martha Omokpeda. She had hidden well in Delta with slight changes to her overall look but it had not been enough. The powerful hands of the untouchables had found her and they had snuffed her out.  

That was the end of her story. After all, Martha Omokpeda was just a Twitter trend and like most Twitter trends, they get replaced with fresher stories.

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