Monday 18 April 2016


My Sadiya! My baby! My first child! (hey Sadiya, na play! No vex ko! LMHO!).

I remember when she was born. I remember when she was brought home. I remember how excited I was when my mum finally let me carry her. She was our little sister and we all silently pledged to love and protect her.

There were times we didn’t quite gel. I used to be so hard on her, forgetting that she was just a baby. And there were times we played like the age difference between us was just one year….or one day.

Have I told you that she is the sweetest, most giving person in the world? As little as she was, she taught me to forgive because she just couldn’t keep malice.

She and Enigbe have been my greatest source of motivation in this life. I may be their big sister but when I want do anything, I run it by them first. They are my sisters and I am uber proud of them!

I have cried on Sadiya’s shoulders, been comforted by her, been inspired by her and been motivated by the strides she is taking.

As young as she is, she is doing some youth advocacy work, some leadership training and peer-education and motivation. She started her blog recently called MUSINGSFROM HALI’s HEART to reach out to her own generation.

Sadiya loves GOD and stands on principles I wished I followed when I was her age. She studies the Bible by herself and is not one who can be deceived by watered down messages. She dedicates time to pray and commune with her FATHER when most of her mates are busy clubbing, hanging out and being in relationships. Heck, when I was her age, I wasn’t even half as serious as she is with the things of GOD! Did I forget to mention that she now has more books than I do? She goes to the bookshop herself to buy book with her own money! Ha! I am proud of my sister!

She told me recently that she wants to start a business and if she pays the business half as much dedication as she does other things, be sure to know that it will be a success!

And now, my DEEN BOO is grown up! She is all woman now! She is a year older today and I cannot be more excited! HAPPY BIRTHDAY SADIYA!

I pray that as you get older, that GOD gives you greater wisdom than what you have had and what you have now. I wish you a more open mind that soaks up the word of our KING. I ask the LORD to keep you going strong as you follow through on HIS purpose for you. I desire that your light gets brighter and brighter and brighter until you shine as our MASTER does. May doors open up for you that you never expected. May GOD bless you indeed, may HE increase your territory, may HIS unwavering love always brighten your countenance and may you NEVER see a reason to turn from HIM!



PS: Do not mess with me! If your friends buy you any cake, you better keep mine for me oh! No time! Love you to eternity girl! And tell DORCAS that I will beat her if she does not get you a big cake!


  1. ������������ Ramat, thank you very much. Love you to the moon and back. Lol, I'll keep your cake.

    1. You are welcome darling! Proud of you always!

  2. Awwwww... Am so inspired!!

  3. How do you people manage to go to the moon or eternity and come back, who wants to come back....