Friday 1 April 2016


So yesterday, I had a shoot to do and was on my way to Itu-agan Island in Lagos. I was surfing the web because traffic was really crazy; as if I really need an excuse to surf the net; internet junkie that I am. I got a  DM notification. Usually, I wouldn’t have bothered to check…but I did. It was from a lady called Sanra Williams @SanraWilliamSng.

I checked her profile and though she didn’t have many followers, I wanted to believe she was legit. This is what went down in the DM.

Then the Angela person sent me a BBM request and I accepted. On her profile is Nollywood actress Angela Okorie’s picture.

I decided to discuss with the person. Below is what we discussed.

We were talking until I saw this;

The firewall in my head went up. Huh? ₦12 million?! Na! That was some scammer ish! I wanted to log off but my homie Mo asked me to keep talking. She told me to see how far the person would go.

This is what happened afterwards;

I decided I was sick with the ish and sent these to the person;

And here is what the person responded with....

I laughed at ‘lil girl’ and decided I have to share this.

This entire thing came at a time when I was really down; financially. The thought of making 12 million would have been tempting if it was not preposterous. Many celebrities can’t even make that and this person thought that my eyes were so big that I wouldn’t see past the scam.

Now, I know that we want to believe that good things can happen to us all and maybe a sliver of hope may come our way that is nothing short of a miracle but we should never be willing to compromise for said miracles. I believe that many Africans wait so much on miracles that they forget to work hard and become better. I believe in working for what I need and want and I cannot say this enough!

We all have our mumu buttons but money isn't mine. Maybe a sit down with Oprah, Beyonce, Tyra, Toolz, and Chimamanda Adiechie (all at once) would have tempted me to part with my money but not a chance to make bigger money.

In essence, be careful out there. These scammers ain't playing!

SAMSUNG NIGERIA and ANGELA OKORIE, you need to send out a disclaimer before these people run you to the ground.

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  1. yea you write... i believe every bit of wat you said