Wednesday 24 August 2016


Dr. Uzzah Wado
Diplomat's Centre, Kaduna

It was the year 2006 and I was spiraling out of control. I had my life planned out but I was becoming more destructive to myself. My friend Jacob David invited me to church and that day, my life changed!

Preaching that morning was Dr. Uzzah Wado. He talked on ‘Finding Your Purpose’ and I sat riveted to the pulpit. See, I had been going to church but it was more a social event than anything else. I honestly felt the pastors I had been under were mediocre and the image of GOD they portrayed wasn’t the view of GOD I had in my mind. The messages didn’t serve to improve my faith and I knew there had to be more about GOD!

Dr. Uzzah teaching on Leadership
So here I was listening to a different kind of message! It was intelligent, logical, knowledge-filled and very deep. My mind was blown! THIS was the message I had been waiting for!

I went to Dad Uzzah’s house and he invited me into his library. I was impressed by the size of it and the number of books he had. I was however no longer surprised that his message was so intelligent. This man reads for Africa! He saw that I was with a book – a romantic fiction novel – and that was the first point of conversation. Dad asked about books I had read and asked if I had seen some of his. I was real, telling him I didn’t read Christian or motivational literature. He was good with that. Didn’t pronounce me a sinner or stuff like that.

We continued to see and talk at least once every week. It became my free therapy session. I always left those meetings with a new book to read. Soon I was telling him about my dysfunctional family and my road to self-destruction. On one of such days, he got up from his seat to look for a book – which was unusual because he used to tell me to get the book for him – and when he saw what he was looking for, he pulled it out and gave to me. It was ‘Breaking the Cycle of Pain’ by Bishop T.D. Jakes. Dad Uzzah asked me to read it and come back for a discussion.

Rev. Dr. Uzzah Wado
Institute for National Transformation (Abuja)
That book took me through a whirlwind of pain, sadness, grief, anger and finally, change! That was the day I decided to be more focused on rebuilding me from the roots of my dysfunction.

Dad stayed with me even when I got mad at him and left the relationship and deliberately disregarded him. He made sure he always prayed for me and advised me on many major decisions.

It has been 10 years since I met Dr. Uzzah Wado and till tomorrow, he is still one of the biggest influences in my life. He taught me to be a purpose-driven woman, showed me that I was equal to the male version of my species, reminded me that I am like GOD and should strive to always represent MY KING and best of all, was my a good replica of JESUS to me.

I am proud to know this man!

Dad, as you celebrate your new age, I bless GOD for your life! I am thankful that you let GOD use you. If you hadn’t come into my life, I don’t know what could have happened. As such, I pray for much more wisdom for you, more knowledge, more understanding, more blessings, more power, more glory, more strength, more increase and more happiness in your life. I pray that your years will be graced with the joy you deserve and honored with the crowning glory that comes from serving GOD. I pray that your delight in your family grows and that your influence expands beyond your best imagination!

I am proud of you dad! Love you plenty!

Happy birthday Dr. Uzzah Wado!

PS: Though not as often as before, I still got to him to 'disturb' him in his Library! When he sees me, he knows that the crazy person is around. Thank you Dad for accepting my quirks and craziness!

The Uzzahs

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