Wednesday 24 August 2016


Frama receiving the 'BEST H.O.D AWARD'
 at the
House of Refuge International Workers Awad/Appreciation Night

Frama Ambrose is someone I met in January 2013. I was introduced to him as one who would be joining the Protocol Unit of House of Refuge International Church, Yola.

He was courteous, respectful and very willing to teach me the ropes of the department. In less than three months, he was made the Head of Department of the Protocol Unit and I was so HAPPY! No one was more suited to lead such a sensitive department.

Making sure things are going
Frama has the qualities of a leader - of a true leader - and that is why it was so easy to submit to him. You know I used to have to crazy temper tantrums and with just one word, I knew I had to keep myself in check. There was this thing that made us not want to disappoint Frama.

Frama is Mr. Excellence himself. Being the protocol boss, he knew a bit about everything in church and a lot out of it. He is funny, very intelligent, sometimes sarcastic (guess you know why I like him) and very considerate! He was the only person I could discuss basketball with and you know I love my NBA franchises!

The Ambroses; Frama, Yanuti and King Diego Jr.
With his wife Yanuti (mama!), I found a family in Yola who had my back and to whom I could run to when I had problems. And when I did wrong, he would chastise me immediately and drop the issue. This made me become a better me. His desire for GOD and the things of GOD makes him a better man daily!

I love the Ambrose family and I am so proud to have met Frama!

Today, I celebrate him as he marks another birthday!

Frama and Yanuti Ambrose
Dear Frama, as you celebrate today, may GOD always bless you and your beautiful family, may HE keep you grounded in all you do, infusing you with more wisdom, knowledge and understanding and taking you from glory to better glory. Your style of leadership is to be emulated and I pray GOD makes you a shining example and influence for more and more young people. I pray that your son, King Diego Jr, sees the example of your influence and replicates it in his generation.

I am so proud of you Frama!


Frama and Yanuti Ambrose

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