Wednesday, 11 July 2018


African woman.
Image taken by Martin Kirigua for
By Abigail Abby Abok

Shall I compare you to a giant sequoia?
You are stouter and more reverent.
For trees once stood where skyscrapers now do
And winds do strip forest of tough trees.
You, most precious creature, flourish amidst the flaming fires of society's limitations,
Defy expectations
And resist the pestilence of inferior classification.

Shall I compare you to a cold glass of well-made Zobo drink in March?
Or an ocean on Atacama?
You are more nourishing and more satisfying.
The spring waters of your love nurtures nations.
You lose yourself so others can find themselves.
Because you are, humanity lives on.

Shall I compare you to the sun, moon or stars?
You are all three by yourself.
Giving life and light,
Warming and soothing hearts.
You enliven the dreary lives of men
And dazzle them with your being
You are a simple enigma.
Men can't fathom how you're soft yet strong,
Fiery yet calming.

You're so many things.
In all your appellations;
Mother, sister, daughter, wife, lady, friend or lover,
Your incredible awesomeness is beyond words!